Journey EP

by Nobody Home

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These two tracks was created with this in mind:
Since the beginning of time we Humans have been using different methods of inducing altered, heightened or trance-like states. Like the native humans used rituals, drumming, dancing and chanting to get "into" an trance-like state.
Trances and altered states follow the pattern of a journey: departure, traveling through (inner worlds and dimensions) space, and then returning home.
In the classic shamanic journey traditions, rhythmic drumming, rattling or chanting is used to facilitate the entering into, traveling through and returning from the spirit world.

Another method in shamanic traditions worldwide involves psychoactive, visionary or entheogenic plants or mushrooms to provide an amplification of perception. In classic enteogenic plant ceremonies the ingestion of plant is usually combined with rhythmic drumming and chanting. By the use of hypnotic and deep dance music in combination with psychoactive substances brings in the shamanic journey into todays society.
The modern dance scene is the expression of the ritual that we human beings have done for thousands of years. This ritual is built into our DNA and we humans need to dance to be able to connect to our true self!

In modern dance/club culture the use of psychoactive substances is well known, but how to use them in a creative and uplifting way is not… For the one who is traveling deep within, set and setting are very important factors... with our without a subtance! A safe and friendly environment with the "right" circumstances (set and setting) is the key to get the most out of the journey.

To go deep within can take some effort. We need to let go of our preconceptions and roles we play in our daily life. This is where the hypnotic and psychedelic dance music come in (the ritual). The traveller is not bound by time and space or of personality or gender. We travel together to a place where there is no limitations. To a place where we are free. A place where we connect to something greater and open up ourself to healing and inner guidance.

Mastering note.
"Entheogen" mastered by Alex Psaroudakis @ M-Works.
"Drum journey" mastered by Marcus Henriksson. No limiting, no digital plugins, little compression and some analogue EQ'ing to keep the original space and dynamics in the music.


released November 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Marcus Henriksson Sweden

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